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Real Estate Brokers are the people who act as intermediary between buyers and sellers. When representing buyers they try to find a property with clear legal and financial issues. When representing sellers they try to earn high margin for sellers.The money paid as commission to them is more than worth because of the immediate financial benefit they get us plus the peace of mind during the whole transaction. US Bureau of labor statistics claims about 600,000 working property brokers in US.Real Estate Brokers can be found through:
o Online listings giving details of brokers available area wise
o Newspaper Advertisements
o References – Family and friends may refer us to some brokers with whom they had a good experience in the past.How to choose ideal real estate brokers:
o License – They must carry a license, the license is provided by state government after they pass a qualifying test. To qualify for the test they must have done a course of approximately 40 to 90 hours duration as stipulated by the state.
o Qualifications – They must know fluent English, they must have done a course in finance or business administration and should be minimum 18 years of age.Real Estate brokers assist sellers in selling their property at the highest possible price at the terms favorable to sellers and while assisting buyers they try to get them property at the lowest possible price with best terms and conditions favoring buyers. Generally brokers sign an agreement to represent buyer or seller which becomes a legal document for them to get their commission.Services provided by real estate brokers are:
o Comparative Market Analysis(CMA) – A analysis of one’s home value with similar property in the market
o FSBO document preparation
o Hourly consulting for a fee
o Exchanging property
o Facilitating a Sale or Purchase

Tips For Negotiating a Real Estate Broker Commission – Broker Real Estate

Although most real estate brokers work for a specific commission, in some cases you may be able to negotiate to get a lower amount. Commission rates have come down a bit in recent years, but you still have a right to negotiate if need be.By law, commissions must be open to negotiation to avoid “price fixing” situations. In regards to a real estate commission, even saving a single point can save a lot of money.If you’ve decided to try negotiating with your real estate broker, you should first do some research so that you are familiar with the current rates. As the seller of a home, you actually have more control over the situation than you might think.Get several commission estimates from different brokers. Then use the numbers you’ve found to get the best rate. It can also help to do some homework to see if you can find any weaknesses for the brokers that you can use to strengthen your case for a lower rate.The Internet can make it easier to do the research you’ll need in order to negotiate a commission. In fact, the Internet has done a lot to increase the overall competitiveness between brokers, which can also help a person get a better deal.Offering incentives to your broker can often be a good way to get a lower rate plus a faster sale. For example, offer an extra bonus if the house is sold by a certain date, or if it sells for at least a certain price.If you can’t seem to negotiate a discounted rate from any of the real estate brokers in your area, you can consider working with a discount broker. These brokers traditionally work for a lower commission, and can often be found online.Some brokers will also offer to change you for only the tasks you need them to perform. By using this method you’ll save money by only paying for the services you really need.